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The Food 411: Got Goat Milk?

Do you experience gas, bloating, diarrhea or mucus after drinking milk? Has your doctor told you that you are lactose intolerant? Maybe it is the type of milk you are consuming. Turns out that many folks who have issues with cow milk might do much better with goat. What gives?  Many folks head toward the office door when I advise them to remove cow dairy from their diets. It is a highly inflammatory food and for many, initiates an immune response that could last for

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The Food 411: Can we make our healthy foods even Healthier?

Okay, this isn’t going to be a don’t eat this/don’t eat that kind of article. Everyone has heard enough about food sensitivities from me. Instead, I think we should focus on taking the great foods that we are already eating and increasing their nutrient density. I thought I had an epiphany, but turns out I wasn’t the only one. Since I think about my work 24/7, it didn’t seem odd to me to that while camping in a remote part of Mexico, immersed in my own

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The Food 411: Garlic

Did you realize in order to obtains garlic’s health benefits, you must first chop, mince or crush it and then let it rest for 10 minutes before using? Garlic contains a compound called alliin that requires an enzyme, alliinase to activate it. Mother nature was kind enough to provide in the same package so all you need to do is mix! You know it is ready when you get that great pungent smell and bite to it. Letting garlic rest

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