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Could Eating Salmon Improve Your Cardiovascular Health?

What would you say if there was something that could prevent a heart attack or cut your chance of a second heart attack by 50%?  And what if it was inexpensive and non-prescription? Essential Fatty Acids has been clearly proven to lower triglycerides, turn off arrhythmias, and dramatically drop your chance of dying from a heart attack. In fact, it is among three of the top nutrients that have been shown to make the difference in those who survive a heart attack.

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The Food 411: Eating Sauerkraut May Help Your Health in Unexpected Ways!

  Researchers found that a diet rich in probiotics may decrease total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels. In the review of the literature from over 13 clinical trials with over 485 participants, those treated with probiotics had a much lower blood lipid levels that those who did not. So for those of you concerned about high blood lipid levels, feast on those fermented veggies and green bananas and help your gut at the same time…..

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The Food 411: Fruits and Veggies, The Natural Aspirin?

  We all are aware that aspirin is a salicylic acid  commonly used for pain and inflammation. But it might surprise you to know that many fruits, vegetables, and spices are a naturally rich source of salicylates. Salicylates, a type of polyphenol,  can act as a natural form of aspirin. Researchers found that vegetarians have serum concentrations of salicylic acid as high as folks who ingest 75 mg of aspirin a day (the amount in half of a baby aspirin).

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