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The Food 411: Can sauerkraut help ward off a Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infection?

For those of you who have had an H. pylori infection, you remember the ulcers, gastric reflux, bloating, nausea or a deep gnawing pain in your stomach that sent you running to the doctor. But did you know that these bacteria may also cause frequent belching, reduced appetite, unexplained weight loss, joint or muscle pain, chronic fatigue, thyroid issues, and psychological symptoms? H. pylori can put you in a brain fog where you feel like you can’t figure anything out,

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The Food 411: Soy, friend or foe to your brain?

Many people believe that eating soy is a healthy alternative to eating meat. It is true that in some countries such as Japan, eating small amounts of fermented soy has been shown to contribute to overall health by lowering breast and prostate cancer, osteoporosis, etc.. But it is important to clarify that the soy they refer to is different than soy that has been genetically modified, contaminated with carcinogenic herbicide and pesticides, and manufactured into an unnatural food source. Our

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Stand-up if you are against insulin resistance!

New research published in the Archives of Internal Medicine shows that people who spend a lot of time sitting may be up to 40% more likely to die from any cause, compared to people who don’t sit as much. The study tracked nearly 222,500 Australian adults for about three years. Compared to people who spent less than four hours per day sitting, the odds of dying were: 15% higher for people who sat for at least eight hours 40% higher for people

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Are Your Vitamin D Levels Affected Your Waistline?

Vitamin D is important for many functions throughout the body especially immune system regulation and bone health. Learn more here. Body mass may have a negative effect on your Vitamin D levels According to PLOS Medicine, data analyzed from 21 studies involving 42,000 participants found that for each 10% rise in body mass index (BMI), there is a 4% drop of available vitamin D in the body.  Since vitamin D is stored in fatty tissue, the authors suggest the larger

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Do You Have 3 Minutes A Week To Improve Your Health?

In the BBC special, The Truth About Exercise, Dr Michael Mosley MD. showed that 1 minute of high intensity training or HIT, can be as effective as 45 minutes of aerobic activity. HIT requires short bouts of all out intensity like running, biking, hill climbing, etc for 3, 20 second intervals (with a 1 minute rest in between). Results showed a 20% decrease in insulin sensitivity in as little as 12 minutes of combined exercise over 12 weeks. And for

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Can You Help Reverse Insulin Resistance with Your Thoughts?

A new study found that eating mindfully is equally effective as following a dietary based program in terms of reducing blood sugar levels in adults with Type 2 diabetes. Mindful eating involves paying attention to your body’s cues of hunger and satiety and slowing down to experience the texture, flavor, color and aroma of your meal. For example, in common mindfulness training a student is given a few raisins, or a piece of fruit and spends anywhere from 10 or

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