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Our Approach

We are each unique, so our approach should be. Our focus is to help determine the underlying cause of your health concerns. Under the current system, health professionals are forced to provide symptom relief rather than being able to focus on the source of the problem. It is not their choice, given a pharmaceutical / insurance based model that allows very limited time being allocated to the health of each patient.

If you have a specific disease or condition, there is some underlying dysfunction affecting the body’s physiology from operating correctly. It is usually not the lack of a drug or some specific vitamin that is the culprit, but environmental risk factors coupled with lifestyle choices. Consider cardiovascular risk. Research states that genetics account for only about 20%. The question remains, what makes one person’s lifestyle choices more susceptible to dysfunction than another’s?

To answer that, one must consider biochemical effects throughout the body since we operate as a whole rather than as a collection of isolated systems. In conventional medicine, a cardiologist would concentrate on the heart; a gastroenterologist, the gut; a endocrinologist, hormones, and so on.  We look at the biochemistry that ties them all together. 

Our approach marries four perspectives on health: Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Epigenetics, and Evidenced Based testing and protocols.

Functional Medicine 

A functional medicine based model looks beyond labels and symptoms to help determine an individual’s biochemical or physiological imbalances. The focus is on a functional or optimal perspective rather than a disease based model. You may ask, “Why this is so important?” This allows for early detection of dysfunction before it has an opportunity to develop into a disease.

It is equally important to look at symptoms taking a global approach. Say you experience fatigue. Is it due to lack of sleep, problems with dietary intake, anemic patterns, endocrine system imbalances such as the adrenals or hormones, detoxification, immune, brain, mitochondria or GI issues? Or if someone has thyroid issues, could it be affecting their immune system, adrenals, gut, brain, hormones, etc. leading to symptoms that seem unrelated to the thyroid? Or visa verse, are problems in any of these systems affecting the functionality of their thyroid? 

As you can see, there may be multiple reasons for the same set of symptoms. A disease based approach might look at a symptom independently and recommend a protocol based on it alone. 

Clinical Nutrition 

A nutritional approach helps determine how our diet and lifestyle choices promote or degrade an individual’s health. 

Additionally, environmental stress is often overlooked, but its direct impact on health shouldn’t be minimized. Many of us tend to think of stress as something mental or emotional, but stress is anything that effects the physiology—be it allergens (food and environmental), subclinical infection, dehydration, lack of essential fatty acids or specific vitamins or minerals, pollution or electromagnetic fields, insomnia, lack of exercise, etc. Learn more here.

And since each of us face a different collection of stressors and lifestyle choices, protocols must be individualized rather than applying “a one size fits all” approach.


Our personal biological blueprint is made up of over 19,000 genes. Although our genes never change, the expression of these genes—in a positive or negative manner—is often dependent on environment and lifestyle choices. So, if you have family history of diabetes, heart disease,, etc., you may not be destined to express it. 

Over 70% of our genes are modifiable so addressing gene variants is vital for some folks. You can learn more  about the effects of our genes here.

Evidenced Based Testing and Protocols

Our practice is based on the latest scientific advances. That is why we feel comprehensive diagnostic testing (analyzed via a functional perspective and advanced Functional Medicine testing if necessary)—coupled with detailed data gathering is the only clinically significant way to help determine underlying root cause. 

Additionally, an evidenced based practice approach assures that protocols offered have been shown in the scientific literature to have the greatest promise in helping to restore the body back to optimum health. The goal is to provide support that has been shown to have helped the most people given the same type of symptoms, in as close to the same set circumstances, with an effective dosage for the shortest period of time, or to provide the most effective lifestyle/dietary changes.

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Getting help shouldn’t be difficult!

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