The Food 411: Do you Structure your water?

We  all know water is important, but is turns out that its shape might just as important as its quality and quantity.

Seriously, could it be all that good water you are drinking is not effectively making it into your cells?  I am no expert on this—frankly, I had my doubts—but strangely enough, it’s true. I had a friend who had suffered from migraines ever since she was a child. Doctors tried everything to no avail…until one progressive MD I worked with loaned her a water structure machine to use. Within 2 weeks, 4 decades of debilitating daily migraines were gone.

This same MD told me that you can get similar effects by leaving a glass jar of water in the sun or cooling water to 39F and then vigorously stirring your water into a vortex just prior to drinking.


Dr. Gerald Pollack, professor of bioengineering at the University of Washington, has become somewhat of an expert on the cell’s interface with water. He believes that water is actually part of the structure of each cell.

“Take a muscle, for example—if the muscle is not functioning, it’s the protein and the water that are not functioning,” he explains. “You need plenty of this ordered/structured water and proteins in their right form in order to make the muscle function properly. So if you have a muscle injury, then both are not functioning.”

Structured water is water that stays together like jello.

“The reason why the water doesn’t dribble out of the Jell-O is because it sticks together into this liquid crystalline-structured fashion… So it’s possible that when you swallow properly structured water, it might be preserved. If this structure is then absorbed into your intestines, then it’s possible it can be retained all the way into your cells. It’s also possible that it’s the charge within the ordered water that really matters. Structured water contains charge, negative charge usually. It’s possible that what you’re really doing is absorbing the negative charge, and that negative charge is critical for building the structure. That’s another possible route.”

And the sunlight? It charges the water, just as you would a battery.

But come on, stirring? “If you think of a vortex, what happens? Well, the vortex is a kind of mechanical perturbation or agitation. Probably it builds bubbles—little air bubbles that are deeply involved or enveloped into the vortex. If these bubbles contain an envelope of structured water, then vortexing would be a very powerful way of increasing structure. Both of those ideas—reducing the temperature and vortexing—probably do lead to increased water structure.”

Anybody else out there on board? An MIT scientist is. In her TED talk, “The Mineral Power for Your Body’s Electrical Supply”, Dr. Seneff, an MIT scientist,  states that it’s not only the water’s structure, but how our bodies use it.

Structured water surrounds the cell providing protons that are moved into the interior of the cell while it maintains electrons on the outside. This essentially forms a battery to be used as “electricity”. The cells then use this energy to power lysosomes to clear out cellular debris, make energy, and move red blood cells from the artery to the vein.

The bottom line is that with structured water, blood can flow and with blood flow we make energy. We need sunlight to facilitate the process which makes our skin a solar powered battery, just like a plant!

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