When it comes down to it, you can’t really put in to words what kind of impact Barbara has on your health. .but I’ll try. I found Barbara after being told by a so-called Endocrine Specialist that everything is normal and that I was fine. Apparently, “normal” is being so tired I could hardly function, […]


I would highly recommend Barbara. I had a very rare allergic reaction to an antibiotic.  My reaction was extreme, I don’t want to say almost deadly but it was.  The symptoms I went through after were unheard of in the medical field.  I was highly sensitive to the sun, can lights, electronic, chemicals, and almost […]


I brought my son to Barbara because he was starting to develop an allergic reaction to something he was eating and was looking very thin, almost anorexic-like.  She was very professional and so knowledgeable!  She gathered a lot of information on him, studied it, and then we had a lengthy meeting.  Barbara had phenomenal insight […]


I was in a lot of pain.  Over the course of a year I was diagnosed with many new conditions including IBS, Crohn’s, and Lupus. For some, there is are no medication or treatment options available. My health continued to decline until I was consumed by daily pain. Nothing I did seemed to help. Barbara […]


After years of not being diagnosed, my Lyme treatment was stymied by sensitivities and health issues. Barbara quickly calmed my GI system and made it possible be able to take the needed supplements to help improve my health.  Barbara is very caring and knowledgeable and I am greatly impressed by her vast array of solutions.


I believe that we are each responsible to take our own healthcare into our own hands…I am the captain of my ship and I do not turn my healthcare over to doctors who spend 10 minutes (with me) in their office and are keen to prescribe medication without uncovering what my body is telling them. […]


I’m sooooo happy!  Not only am I [finally] gaining weight and my calcium in urine (24-hour) test results came back normal.  Hooray!   That bodes really well for my bones. And I didn’t have to take diuretics! This diet/lifestyle stuff is POWERFUL stuff!  Life changing.  Thank you so much for all of your help.   I couldn’t have […]


Working with Barbara has changed my life and I will be forever grateful that she had the patience and drive to help me get healthy again. I had been to numerous doctors for digestive issues and increasing swelling in my neck area. The only real conclusion after all the testing was multiple food allergies. I […]


Barbara Solomon was a godsend to me.  She helped me return to good health after many years of struggling with increasingly poorer health and odd symptoms that neither I nor my doctors could figure out.  I saw many doctors including a naturopath, but none of them were able to help me.  When I found Barbara […]


Over the years, I have seen a variety of alternative health care providers.  Never have I received the kind of service and dedication as I’ve gotten with Barbara.  Both my husband and I trust her deeply, and she is able to explain complex functions, and break it down to what I need to know.  Her […]

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