I believe that we are each responsible to take our own healthcare into our own hands…I am the captain of my ship and I do not turn my healthcare over to doctors who spend 10 minutes (with me) in their office and are keen to prescribe medication without uncovering what my body is telling them. I have become very disillusioned at the state of our healthcare system today. I avoid taking medications because I believe they are a “bandaid” only, and they don’t fix the underlying issues. The body knows what to do to keep us healthy IF we can give it what it needs and that is what Barbara is so good at doing. The big questions is…how do any of us know what our body needs? Even as I did my own research and crafted my own solutions I felt that I was often guessing. After seeing numerous doctors & health professionals over the years (including Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Nutritionists, Acupuncturists, and more) for my health issues, numerous questions still plagued me…and my health issues were only getting worse!

Then I met Barbara 4 years ago. Since that time she has become the only health professional I work with. And that is saying a lot, because I have worked in the healthcare field, and I am “self-taught” in the practice of holistic living. Yet, as I age, and have health issues arise (or worsen), I have found that consulting with Barbara on a regular basis has helped me live a much healthier life in a way that honors my body (and its needs) naturally…without drugs. I feel better TODAY…even though I am now 23 years older!

I had suffered for almost 23 years with Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Migraine Headaches with little improvement. I saw NUMEROUS health professionals and have spent thousands of dollars getting nowhere! Any progress I had made (which was very little) was, primarily, more through my own efforts and research…and sometimes trial & error. After working with Barbara (and having labwork done…with her interpretations & recommendations) I finally understood why I was suffering and how I could be well. Finally…23 years of suffering were virtually reversed in the space of about 9 months. With Barbara’s guidance, my “leaky” gut was healed.

To accomplish that, I followed ALL of her recommendations for diet, supplementation, meditation, and more – all focused on my body’s specific needs. After healing my gut, my migraines have dramatically improved to the point where they are almost gone. and that is saying a lot, because I have lived with migraines for a minimum of 20 out of 30 days each month…not fun! I continue to work with her as we fine-tune my diet and check for food sensitivities that should eliminate those nasty migraines for good. My migraines are now so infrequent, that I don’t even think about them anymore! The quality of my life has dramatically improved because I don’t suffer the pain, bloating and diarrhea of IBS and I rarely suffer the agonizing pain of a migraine headache. And if stress causes a “flare-up” it usually takes a brief consult (and maybe an inexpensive test or two) to get me back on track…in short order.

Barbara has more knowledge about the human body and how it works that ANY doctor I have ever met with. Her goal is always to get to “cause”…and no-one can do that better than Barbara. She is amazing at zeroing in on what’s going on inside the body, and how to give the body what it needs to be well. She uses the highest quality testing & very in-depth lab work to give her the information she needs to make recommendations so that her clients can be well. She does a great job of keeping costs to a minimum…her rates are extremely reasonable…and she doesn’t throw a ton of supplements at you like some Naturopaths do. She focuses on priorities…doing what is necessary first…giving the body a chance to heal in a progressive way…fix what needs to be fixed first…so that you feel better as quickly as possible…and then work on the next priority…all the while you keep improving! She understands the way the body is connected…how one system works with another (as in the way to “fix” my migraines was to “fix” my gut).

My husband, daughter & friends work with Barbara. I recommend her without hesitation and with the greatest respect and admiration for her as an amazing health professional…the best I have ever experienced. I am grateful that I found her, for she has truly changed my health and my life. I am grateful for her warm compassion, her incredible knowledge of the human body, and for her persistent commitment to never stop doing what is necessary to help me be well and live a long & healthy life.

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