When it comes down to it, you can’t really put in to words what kind of impact Barbara has on your
health. .but I’ll try. I found Barbara after being told by a so-called Endocrine Specialist that everything is
normal and that I was fine. Apparently, “normal” is being so tired I could hardly function, chronic all-
over body pain, insomnia, depression, adrenal failure and a host of other problems. I had two choices:
take what he told me at face value and live a miserable existence or fight for my health and well-being. I
am not exaggerating when I say that Barbara saved my life. In only 4 months, she has helped me turn
my health around and almost all of my ailments are minimal or completely gone. I’m thriving and I love
it!!! I have learned so much about my body and what healthy looks like from her. My journey is not
over, we still have a lot to work on to get me to optimal health but if I can have such huge progress in
that short period of time, I can’t wait to see how I’ll feel in a year.

We have put together a comprehensive paper on Coronavirus, including ways to improve your immune system and stay healthy.

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