“Sometimes the cure is worse than the sickness”, so my gastroenterologist told me in February 2015. I saw him after two rounds of antibiotics to treat h-pylori had failed and had also brought on c-diff.

It all started in September 2014 with a small pain on my side. My primary care doc ordered many tests and finally a stool test found h-pylori. The antibiotic treatment for it was horrendous. I ended up with really bad acid reflux that felt like I had swallowed gasoline. I knew something was seriously wrong. After numerous ER visits they finally found the c-diff and with different antibiotics it cleared up. I still felt horrible though and had flu like aches and pains for weeks. I went to two different functional medicine doctors but found that they really weren’t familiar with h-pylori and what they recommended didn’t with the pain, weakness, and acid reflux.

In March of 2015, I finally found Barbara after doing a search for functional medicine practitioners who experience with h-pylori. She reviewed all my lab reports and blood work and found that my body just wasn’t absorbing the minerals from my diet. She put me on a strict diet and supplements regimen. It was difficult and it didn’t happen overnight but about 30 days later I had more energy and appetite. The pain and acid reflux had subsided significantly.

I was tested again in May 2015 and the results were negative, yup negative for both h-pylori and c-diff. I’m still not 100% but feel so much better. When I saw the gastroenterologist in May he was surprised and asked what I had done. I told him about the diet and supplements Barbara had me take. He said, “well whatever you did, it worked.” Thank you Barbara, you gave me my life back!