I first met Barbara at Jimbo’s Naturally; she was the guest speaker of the night.  I was immediately drawn to her because she was completely engrossed in answering everyone’s questions and was happy to oblige us long before her seminar ever started. I was fascinated by her knowledge and I knew that this was someone that could help me.  I am in the throws of menopause, unable to sleep, I have gained weight, I am very emotional and subjected to high highs, and very low lows, along with other long term health issues I have been dealing with. I have worked with many others before Barbara, trying to manage my health issues from being on bio-identical hormones to working with a colon therapist and although I was helped through these avenues it only scratched the surface of what I was going through…And that was where the help remained, on the surface.  Barbara started by unpeeling the onion so to speak, she started slow but remained steady, and continuously reminded me along the way that we were partners in my health; it was a relationship towards better health for me and I really liked that as who knows your body and it’s issues better that you. There have been some trial and error issues along the way, but we are making huge progress in my health. I sleep at night, it is not ideal YET, but well on it’s way, my weight has decreased and continues to do so weekly, my moods are totally regulated and as Barbara would say, “I will feel as though I am being wrapped in a warm blanket” and at first I didn’t get what she meant by that, but now I do and that is exactly how I feel, warm and fuzzy all over, all the time. I have some other very technical health issues that I don’t completely understand but I know that Barbara does, I trust her and know that as partners we are on the right track.  If there is an issue with the suggested protocol by Barbara all I have to do is send her an email and she gets back to me right away but if she feels a phone conversation is in order she makes time in her busy day to call me, which is greatly appreciated, most don’t or won’t do that. I am thankful that I met Barbara as I have seen such progress in a short period of time and I know it will only continue to get better from here, I am grateful for her knowledge and my partnering relationship in my health with her. Thank you Barbara for all you have done for me thus far and the healthy future I am looking forward to.

We have put together a comprehensive paper on Coronavirus, including ways to improve your immune system and stay healthy.

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