I became a client of Functional Health after experiencing years of emotional disturbances which were increasingly manifesting in physical symptoms including constant fatigue and intermittent but ongoing pain.  Upon meeting Barbara at a local natural foods store, I explained my state to her and described having been to multiple doctors without any substantial relief. While still in the store, Barbara asked me a few questions and immediately began narrowing down the causes of the issues causing my symptoms to specific dietary and other habits I had at the time.

During subsequent appointments, I have made multiple observations. First, the bloodwork that is ordered by Barbara is more comprehensive than those ordered by other types of practitioners. It is also evaluated in greater detail than I have seen by anyone else. Barbara explains the implications of the results of the bloodwork to the extent that is necessary for a client to understand the current state of their system and begin developing the self-awareness that is necessary to adapt to potentially significant dietary changes.

Secondly, Barbara makes an effort to collect as much symptom information as possible about the whole body, as opposed to just the areas which display obvious symptoms. This evaluation, along with the other testing that is performed, allows her to establish a baseline with which to pinpoint a broad spectrum of existing problems.  The evaluation initiates a process to get to the root causes of those problems, recommend the appropriate foods and supplements, and track progress.

The process continues with a regular and rigorous removal of inappropriate foods, beverages, and even items like vitamins from my diet. Among the numerous things I have learned from Barbara, I now know that it is only constructive to take a vitamin, mineral, or other supplement if it is the exact right form, quality, and dosage for me at any given time.  Barbara uses an intricate knowledge of human physiology to make those determinations, and educates me on how to make informed decisions about what I consume.  This spares me any unanticipated side-effects from consuming substances which are not right for me at the time.  Additionally, there is the added benefit of avoiding unnecessary spending from choosing supplements by trial and error.

With the perspective that all of the body’s systems are dynamic and simultaneously affect one another, Barbara reevaluates the nutritional protocol and updates it as often as necessary. This approach is in sharp contrast to other health-related providers for whom I have been a client in the past, who made prescriptions or recommendations, but did not monitor the results as closely or as consistently as needed for lasting improvement. Barbara also has a practice of keeping up to date with research and systematically incorporates new information to fine-tune the recommendations for me each time I am reevaluated.

After several iterations of Functional Health, I much better understand what and how I should be eating, drinking, and generally maintaining myself.  With Barbara’s help, the discipline to follow her guidance, and the development of a lifestyle with habits complimentary to elevated nutrition, I feel better. I am pleased that I now envision a path to getting all of the symptoms I complained about a few years ago under control for good. Becoming a client of Functional Health has been the single most empowering wellness choice I have made for myself to date.

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