My name is L and I have been working with Barbara for 2 months now. Let me begin by saying I have always considered myself a “healthy” individual- never overweight, always very active, with no real health obstacles. I was able to birth 3 healthy children with no issue. Yet over the years I have noticed from time to time I have just been “off”. Anytime we traveled, or I was in social situations, my body would begin to ramp up and shut down. I would get migraines, anxiety over anything and everything, and often I could barely make it through the day. I would always feel the need to lay in bed…and chalked it up to having 3 kids. There have been periods in the last 20 years or so that, for no apparent reason, I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed. It felt as though there was no blood running through my body, I was extremely fatigued, dizzy, anxious, and unable to take care of myself, let alone my family. I’d often go to the doctor or emergency room only to find out all my bloodwork was “normal”. I’ve had an MRI, extensive testing with ENT specialists, and worked with neurologists. All that came up clear, so I was just told it was likely vertigo and was sent on my way, hopeless, and coming to terms that this is my life. Just getting by.

After my most recent flare up, I revisited the doctor for more tests, certain she was going to find something this time. Routine bloodwork came back “normal” again- and once again I was sent on my way. I couldn’t get out of bed. I couldn’t make sense of any of it. I ate healthy, balanced, and organic. I drank plenty of water, yet never felt energized. My general practitioner agreed to do more extensive tests, take a shot in the dark to see if I had a MTHFR genetic mutation she is finding more and more, and sure enough I did. She didn’t have much to offer as far as how to get on with my life- just that I needed to add a certain supplement. I was rushed out of that appointment because I had too many questions and she didn’t have the time for me.

So I was left to search the web for anyone with experience or expertise with this condition. That was both frightening and overwhelming. In a way I felt my life was never going to get better, and I physically felt like I wasn’t really going to be able to get through. In desperation, I finally found a short list of people in Southern California that have had any sort of education on the topic…and that is what has led me to Barbara Solomon. Finally a glimmer of hope.

I remember it was on a weekend I contacted Barbara by email. I was in bad shape.  My mom had to come pick up my 3 kids and myself, as my husband was at work, and I couldn’t manage to make it through the day. I had no appetite, no energy, and plenty of anxiety. I heard back that same weekend. Finally I had a direction. Still not knowing if I was going to get anywhere, I signed on. If anything, I would get a little more input and hopefully a plan.

Did I ever! It is truly amazing to work with someone who understands the ins and outs of the working human body. I felt, for once in my life, someone truly understands who I am as a person, physically and emotionally, and can get me on a path of not only surviving, but thriving. All it took was for Barbara to go through my lab work from over the years with a fine tooth comb to realize I intact have been battling a couple nagging issues and I had no idea. My life would have gone on, I would have stayed on that roller coaster and just tried to make it through life.  At the point where I was at, I would have settled for a “Honda” type body, and I feel like at the end of this I am going to end up with a Bentley. It has been 2 months of elimination dieting and supplementation and I can honestly say that I feel better than I have EVER felt in my adult life, and I didn’t even have to leave my house!  We have had 2 very informative meetings over Skype…very convenient, especially when you don’t feel like you can muster up the strength to even get dressed.

Barbara makes it very clear that this journey is ours together.  How nice is that.  I am not just another file in the drawer or a patient being seen for a 20 min window twice a year.

I now have energy, a calm mind, and perspective on what it is we are all putting in our bodies and the effects they may have. I have hope. I have stamina. And I have a uninhibited future I am excited about. My kids have their mother back, and my husband his wife. Barbara has been the best money I have ever spent on myself. I would, without a doubt, recommend her to ANYONE, and I pretty much do. I have been singing her praises to everyone I talk to, because we all have our “things”, whether they be little or large, that we all just assume is a part of us. Doesn’t have to be that way. I have labeled myself many negative things throughout my whole life; socially anxious, depressed, exhausted and overwhelmed, and fragile. I no longer identify with any of those things.  I seriously feel free. And all it took was a thoughtful, extremely intelligent and intuitive mind like Barbara to get me my life back.

I am free!

Thank you, Barbara!!!  You are priceless.

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