Since beginning work with Barbara Solomon I feel I have improved tremendously in the way my body is functioning and feeling. I have been on a healing & wellness journey for a long time and have been learning how to piece together the puzzle of health and well-being from my own study/inquiry along with the help of several excellent holistic practitioners. When I met Barbara I was feeling pretty well… still I had some lingering concerns that didn’t seem to be resolving. Barbara’s blend of knowledge and intuition led me to acquiring some testing I had not received in the past. Through these tests she uncovered the reasons for some long standing issues around blood sugar, cholesterol, hormonal imbalances and digestion to name a few. Her report of findings and time spent in getting to root causes is impressive and comprehensive. With Barbara’s diet recommendations and supplement protocol I began feeling a shift almost immediately (within the first few days). I am looking forward to following up and as of right now I finally feel relieved to be on the right path. For what seems to be a long time coming I am, not overly concerned about health issues and, truly feeling well.

We have put together a comprehensive paper on Coronavirus, including ways to improve your immune system and stay healthy.

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