I believe that Barbara is the wisest, most passionate and intuitive functional medicine practitioner out there. I came to Barbara with a broken gut and some autoimmune issues that needed some more work. Through some testing and interpretation of genetic information, Barbara got me started on the right path to heal my broken gut, thus making a huge improvement in my autoimmunity. She takes her time and thoroughly goes over everything as to the how’s and why’s of what we are doing, and I began a limited diet and some supplements and began to feel better almost immediately.

She showed me charts of why certain things were happening in my body and my brain, and what we could do to heal them. I have worked with other practitioners in the past who have either not been very communicative or just plain not very knowledgeable, and Barbara blows them out of the water with her knowledge of how to feel our best as humans. She always gets right back to me, which is truly amazing and so very appreciated…as sometimes while I was healing, I would get anxious or have questions about whether or not I was doing something right.

Barbara is a rocket scientist for the healing and wellness of our bodies, her focus is on true and lasting wellness, and after so many years of being brushed aside by practitioners who did not have my best interests at heart, she is truly a breath of fresh air and I am grateful for her every day. Now, after six months, I continue to eat for optimal health, have no sugar cravings (although those were gone after about the first week) I am sleeping very well, and have lasting energy during the day. We reversed my old, positive ANA titer which had previously indicated inflammation in my body or potentially another autoimmune process that was happening, my adrenals are healing wonderfully and the numbers look fantastic on my blood work, and everything is coming together. I look forward to continuing the important work of optimizing my health and working with Barbara!

We have put together a comprehensive paper on Coronavirus, including ways to improve your immune system and stay healthy.

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