Barbara Solomon…my list of gratitude to her and praise is infinite. Being only 20, at the time a few months ago, I was exhausted, cranky, under the control of gluten and sugar, and a slave of a numerous list of food sensitivities that would punish me through eczema. I had reached the point of frustration, unhappiness, and utter disappointment. Nothing I had done was working, from Naturopaths to even altering my already organic diet. I was at a point of defeat.

Being raised and growing up in a holistic and organic environment all I could think of was “Why me, I take care of my body.” But then came Barbara, my light at the end of the tunnel, who gave me hope and also showed me the solutions to the health issues I had thought to be not only unsolvable but also inexplainable for the past eight years. Here I am five months later free of my food sensitivities, energized, glowing, and healthy! To the best and most passionate practitioner I have met, I thank her for helping me get my life back as well as rekindling the relationship between me and my body.

Her impeccable wit, rockin’ personality and reliability combine to make the path back to health understandable, exciting, and most importantly achievable!

Forever honored and grateful!

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