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dietary changes can be hard!

For some people, the idea of changing their diet may be an insurmountable obstacle in their minds. Eliminating the Pain of an Elimination Diet is here to help!

What are the benefits of an elimination diet?

Eliminating the Pain of an Elimination Diet,

a Functional Medicine approach to diet and health-related issues.

We all get tired once in a while, but are you tired everyday? Do you have nagging pains, inexplicable cravings, or anxiety issues? Maybe you’ve accepted digestive issues and weight gain as an inevitable part of life.

Good news: you don’t have to keep suffering! You can take control of your health and start making small, easy changes that will put you on a healthier and happier path.

This book is your essential and comprehensive guide to uncovering and resolving core health issues…

… but what is an elimination diet?

You eat the perfect diet: plenty of whole foods, organic grains, fresh fruits, and lots of dark-green veggies. But what if I told you that some of those great foods could actually be undermining your health? That’s the power of an elimination diet.

I believe that If you have an issue with a particular food, you need to understand why. For example, maybe you’re pretty sure you have an issue with celery. Now, is it an immune system issue or are you just having a problem breaking it down? Could it be that you have a problem with the entire food family—in this case, Apiaceae? That might be the case if you also have problems when eating foods such as parsley and carrot. Another question, how you feel when you consume dark greens or nuts? If those foods also bother you, could your issue with celery be related to oxalates? If so, why? Are you forming oxalates because of yeast overgrowth, high vitamin C consumption, or some other reason?

In addition to not being 100% and often inaccurate, laboratory testing just doesn’t have the power that an elimination trial does, namely determining the what, how, why, and when.

Here is what you will uncover

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Eliminating the Pain of an Elimination Diet

Board-Certified Nutrition Specialist, Barbara Solomon, bring you both dietary and non-dietary approaches to enhancing your health. from clinically-proven diets that alleviate specific conditions and allow the gut and body to heal, to techniques to reframe exercise, food, and health in more positive (and effective!) ways.

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