For me, it is about quality of life, not just “passing” a physical exam.
How about you?

Having abundant energy throughout the day?
Sleeping soundly?
Being able to enjoy a meal with friends, worry free?
Having a clear mind and great memory?
Feeling emotionally balanced?
Being healthy enough to do all the things you love?

“Every patient carries her or his own doctor inside.” – Albert Schweitzer

Barbara Solomon MS CNS CFMP LDN

Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

Are your lab tests normal, yet you know that something is wrong? Have you been told not to worry about it, or that it is just a normal part of aging or worse, that it is all in your head? At Functional Health, we take a different approach to health. Chronic conditions don’t occur overnight, but start with subtle changes in physiology. And just like a car’s check engine light, our bodies are equipped with an incredible warning system. My goal is to use your warning lights to find and address any physiological, biochemical, and genetic issues that may be affecting your health. By evaluating your laboratory results and medical history with emphasis on health and dysfunction rather than disease, we have a better opportunity of determining the root cause of your health concerns.

  • For over a decade, our practice has been based on the latest scientific advances in Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Genomics/Nutrigenomics, and Evidenced Based Nutrition.
  • We offer Functional Blood Chemistry, genetic, food sensitivity, and advanced Functional Medicine testing to help find root cause of your health issues.
  • Our protocol is designed to meet your specific needs. For example, for most people, diet changes are required. Other times, supplements might be necessary. For others, exercise is the key. We just don’t subscribe to an `one size fits all` solution.
  • We understand how overwhelming healthcare options can be and offer education and support to help you make appropriate choices for your lifestyle.

Getting help shouldn’t be difficult!

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