For me, it is about quality of life, not just “passing” a physical exam.
How about you?

Having abundant energy throughout the day?
Sleeping soundly?
Being able to enjoy a meal with friends, worry free?
Having a clear mind and great memory?
Feeling emotionally balanced?
Being healthy enough to do all the things you love?

“Every patient carries her or his own doctor inside.” – Albert Schweitzer

Barbara Solomon MS CNS CFMP

Board Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

Are your lab tests normal, yet you know that something is wrong? Have you been told not to worry about it, or that it is just a normal part of aging or worse, that it is all in your head? At Functional Health, we take a different approach to health. Just like a car’s check engine light, our bodies are equipped with an incredible warning system. Chronic conditions just don’t occur overnight, but start with subtle changes in physiology. My goal is to find and address your specific physiological, biochemical, and genetic issues. By evaluating your laboratory results with emphasis on health and dysfunction rather than disease, we have a better opportunity of determining root cause so you can achieve your health goals.

    • We offer Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, genetic, food sensitivity, and advanced Functional Medicine testing to help find root cause of your health issues.
    • Our practice is based on the latest scientific advances in Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Nutrigenomics, and Evidenced Based Nutrition.
    • Our protocol is designed to meet your specific needs. For example, for most people, diet changes are required. Other times, supplements might be necessary. For others, exercise is the key. We just don’t subscribe to a `one size fits all` solution.
    • We understand how overwhelming healthcare options can be and offer education and support to help you make appropriate choices for your lifestyle.

Getting help shouldn’t be difficult!

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  • I am so glad that I have found compassionate and knowledgeable help to guide me back to the path of healthier living and feeling better!
  • I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I’ve tried many diets with initial success, but without the ability to maintain the eating plan, I just ended up where I started, or worse. After having my son my weight was at an all time high and my energy was at an all time low. Most days I would find myself counting the minutes until nap time so I could recharge my batteries enough to make it through the rest of the day. I did not want to continue living life like this so, on a friend’s suggestion, I called Barbara. There were no immediate results or miracle cures, but after some testing and self-report I finally got some answers. I finally learned WHY I was having such a hard time maintaining a healthy lifestyle and how I was unknowingly sabotaging myself. This alone helped me get over the guilt and shame of years of failure. Barbara taught me to work with my body and eat for my particular nutritional needs (which are different for everyone, I discovered). I lost over 30 pounds and gained more energy. In addition, I was finally able to fall asleep and stay asleep at night and my chronic yeast and skin issues went away. She helped me look good, feel good and enjoy my life again.
  • Go no further. Barbara is the most knowledgeable and caring person you could ever find to work with for improving your health.
  • I first came across Barbara at a lecture at People's. I was a the time going to a practitioner who seemed to do similar work. I have been plagued with illness most of my life in one form or another and was never able to get total relief. After a while of thinking about it, I decided finally to go and see her since I was disappointed in the results I was getting elsewhere. After a few moths of working with Barbara, she nailed the source of the problem I was having and now feel better than I ever have in my life. I am 75 this month and I feel like I can be productive for a good many more years. I am very grateful to her and I recommend her to anyone plagued by health problems.
  • Barbara's functional approach to health is very thorough. She identified and helped me with issues that other practitioners had missed.   I am now on the road to recovery and am regaining my health.  I am very grateful for her help and highly recommend her to anyone who is suffering from health issues.
  • Where do I begin. I am so grateful to Barbara and the services she offers. I had been suffering with symptoms that I could not resolve for over a year and many hundreds of dollars spent with a medical specialist.  
Barbara first off offered a complete blood panel analysis. 
We then went over my environment and diet to try and locate possible allergy triggers. 
We then set up a supplement & diet regime. 
Well, to be honest, I know that I still need to work on following a better diet regime but even the changes that I have followed through with making, combined with the supplements, have changed my life. I now am living anxiety free because I feel symptom free. I really can’t thank Barbara enough for giving me my feeling of security back, of feeling healthy again.